Foundation Training

What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to bring us back to our natural postures and movement patterns. The exercises teach you how to effectively use your body and build it up rather than the constant break down our modern lives create.

Including Foundation into your daily life will constantly increase your body’s awareness to moving improperly which can halt many of the degenerative processes causing chronic pain.

Foundation Training is literally the most natural way of moving the human body. If you have a human body, you are designed to do these movements. Awakening this innate potential through simple positions and movements, untapped power and strength become your new natural state.

To me, Foundation Training = active posture. 

It is undoing, or re-training your body to be tall and powerful in everyday life, as well as improving your performance in whatever athletic endeavor you choose to participate in!

Who should be doing Foundation Training?

Anybody that is experiencing any form of back pain, and/or anybody that wants to improve their performance in everything they do! Everybody can do some form of these exercises, young or old!

But, I already do Pilates/yoga/Crossfit/running/etc.

Foundation Training is NOT meant to REPLACE any other form of movement. 

Foundation Training is meant to enhance every other movement practice. FT will make you better at Pilates and yoga and Crossfit etc. These exercises are meant to be taught and then incorporated into your daily lives to improve your natural movement patterns. Foundation Training will become infused into your daily life and will allow you to move with grace and strength thru out your busy day.

Foundation Training was created by Dr. Eric Goodman DC, in an effort to free himself from debilitating lower back pain caused by years of abuse from sports etc.

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