My wife and I started our business, Peak Potential Wellness, with a nutrition/behavior based philosophy. My wife is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Masters Degree, and I am a nutritional/paleo/movement coach, Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, and Certified Foundation Training Instructor.

We believe that most lifestyle change attempts are derailed not by lack of information or willpower, but by lack of our own understanding of how our habits and behaviors affect our course of action. There are simple behavior “hacks”, that when implemented properly, can keep you on course long enough to cement your new changes, well past the 21 day mark which then creates a life long habit.

We approach each client from a behavioral standpoint. So, what exactly does this mean, and how does it relate to you?

By looking at things through the lens of behavior, we can potentially dissect and break down certain behaviors and stop them in their tracks. Call it a preemptive strike, catching the triggers of obsessive compulsive or emotional eating habits etc. This strategy allows us to see why a client might get off track, and then give him/her the proper tools to avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes derail even the best laid plans to change their current habits.

This philosophy is what sets Peak Potential Wellness apart. We look at the entire human experience, not just what a person is eating or not eating.

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