YesYouCanPALEO Plan


     This is where it STARTS!


Are you sick and tired of trying, and ultimately failing, every new fad diet that comes around?


Are you just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired? 


-Ever wondered what exactly the Paleo diet is?

-Have you wanted to try the Paleo diet, but were scared away by images of cavemen, Crossfit, and raw meat?


                        Let me tell you, you are not alone!


“Paleo” was the #1 most Googled diet term in 2013.


 It has been estimated that more than 2 million people in the  US are following  some version of a Paleo diet, and that  number is only going to increase.


 But, with all the conflicting information out there, it can get a little confusing  for those people out there looking to start  living the Paleo lifestyle.


                     I am here to help!


I have spent the past 4 years doing the research for you!

I have lived and breathed the Paleo lifestyle for the past 4 years, whether it be hunting and gathering the correct information by reading study after study, book after book, or by becoming a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, or whether it is just by simply living a complete Paleo lifestyle, I have done the hard work FOR YOU so that I can help YOU experience the freedom that the Paleo lifestyle can provide. 


 Freedom from…

-modern day diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease  etc!

-lack of energy!


-sugar cravings, food addiction!



                         YesYouCanPALEO Plan


    This is a 3 month Paleo Lifestyle program that teaches you the How’s and Why’s of the Paleo Lifestyle, and how to implement them into your busy, modern life.


     What does the 3 month plan include?

 – 1 hour initial consultation. 

 – One- 30 minute one on one meeting, either in person, on the phone, or via Skype per week.

 – Access to various, carefully researched recipes, studies, and articles that will help you along your Paleo journey.

– Unlimited access to me via e-mail/FaceBook and through the website.  

– One, 1 hour grocery store tour.

  Total cost for all of this invaluable Paleo instruction….


  3 month YesYouCanPALEO Program$450.00


  But, I am currently offering an Introductory Special!


   This offer is good thru Feb 1st,  so sign up NOW!


  3 month YesYouCanPALEO Introductory Special



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